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Brand: Kitchenaid
With its all-metal design and powerful yet quiet motor, the KitchenAid Heavy Duty mixers is reliable, durable and efficient. It makes light yet quiet work of large batches and its unique planetary mixing action ensures all areas of the bowl are reached.As with every KitchenAid stand mixer, the Kitch..
Ex Vat €746.99
In Vat €918.80
Kitchenaid K5 Mixers
2-5 Days
Brand: Kitchenaid
For quick and effective prep, choose this KitchenAid K5 heavy-duty, bowl-lift stand mixer. This unit combines planetary action with a direct-drive motor to rapidly mix ingredients - without generating too much noise. The result? Drastically reduced prep times, and a quieter operation that won't disr..
Ex Vat €529.99
In Vat €651.89
Attachment Pack For Kitchenaid Mixers
21-30 Days
Brand: Kitchenaid
Attachment Pack with J501, AD296, F661. For Universal MixersProduct FeaturesFood grinderA strainer coneRotor vegetable slicer and shredderSupplied with medium and coarse shredding drums and a slicing drum..
Ex Vat €329.99
In Vat €405.89
Ice Cream Attachment For Kitchenaid Mixers
21-30 Days
Brand: Kitchenaid
KitchenAid Ice Cream Attachment for J400 (5K45SSBWH) DN677 (5KPM5BER) J498 (5KPM5) J401 (5KPM50) J405 (5KPM50/G) CA986 (5KSM7591W) CA987 (5KCA988) CB575 (5KSM7990XBER) CB576 (5KSM7990XBWH) CB577 (5KSM7990XBSM)Product featuresWeight 3.21kgOnce completely frozen, liquid within the double walls of..
Ex Vat €197.99
In Vat €243.53
Kitchenaid 6.9ltr Flex Edge Beater For Ca986 Ca987 Ca988 Cb5
21-30 Days
Brand: Kitchenaid
The Flex Edge Beater mixes the ingredients better and makes scraping unnecessary. KitchenAid 6.9L Flex edge beater for CA986 CA987 CA988 CB575 CB576 CB577. Part ref. 5KFE7TProduct featuresThe Flex Edge Beater mixes the ingredients better and makes scraping unnecessary.One-sided Flexible edge design ..
Ex Vat €104.49
In Vat €128.52
Kitchenaid Classic Blender Blk - 1.75ltr Kitchenaid Classic Blender Blk - 1.75ltr
21-30 Days
Brand: Kitchenaid
Finished in stylish black, the KitchenAid Classic blender is a powerful and effective home blender designed to help you achieve perfectly smooth results, whether that's cocktails, soups, sauces or baby food.Thanks to the innovative soft start function, blending is mess-free and efficient. Intelli-sp..
Ex Vat €193.99
In Vat €238.61
Kitchenaid Mixer K45 Kitchenaid Mixer K45
21-30 Days
Brand: Kitchenaid
Want to mix ingredients as quickly and efficiently as the pros? Then this 4.3Ltr white KitchenAid K45 Classic tilt-head stand mixer is a must-have! The 10-speed power control allows for fast yet thorough mixing, whilst its direct drive motor ensures a quiet, reliable and durable performance. This wi..
Ex Vat €434.99
In Vat €535.04
Kitchenaid Mixer Spiraliser Attachment
21-30 Days
Brand: Kitchenaid
A Spiraliser is a must-have accessory for creative, lean cuisine. Spiralisers work by sharply cutting fruits or vegetables into thin and curly ribbons. Peeling bladeProduct featuresDimensions 74(H) x 314(W) x 147(D)mmWeight 1kgColour SilverFine Spiralizing Blade - Creates a 4 mm x 4 m..
Ex Vat €118.79
In Vat €146.11
Kitchenaid Professional Mixers Kitchenaid Professional Mixers
21-30 Days
Brand: Kitchenaid
With its pristine white finish and solid commercial build quality, the KitchenAid Professional stand mixer is both stylish and highly reliable. It's also exceptionally versatile, thanks to the powerful direct drive motor and front mounted attachment hub which can fit a wide range of KitchenAid acces..
Ex Vat €978.99
In Vat €1,204.16
N237 - Pouring Shield For Kitchenaid Mixers
21-30 Days
Brand: Kitchenaid
Fits K5 and K50 KitchenAid mixers.Product featuresWeight 200gFor 4.28L and 4.83 L Bowls, except 4.83 L Glass Bowl 5K5GB and Frosted Glass Bowl 5K5GBF..
Ex Vat €60.49
In Vat €74.40
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