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Brand: Lincat
The Lincat Lynx 400 Electric Salamander Grill LGT is ideal for grilling a wide variety of food products, including meat and fish. Its powerful and robust tubular sheathed element distributes heat evenly ensuring that maximum output is achieved. Supplied with a toasting rack and grill pan with stay-c..
Ex Vat €362.99
In Vat €446.48
Brand: Lincat
A great quality water filter, this is designed to improve water quality in professional automatic fill water boilers. By reducing limescale, sediment, chlorine, odours, unusual tastes, lead, benzene, dichlorobenzene, toxaphene and other contaminants, these filters ensure only clean, filtered water i..
Ex Vat €46.19
In Vat €56.81
Lincat Silverlink Fryers Lincat Silverlink Fryers
2-5 Days
Brand: Lincat
Powerful and reliable, the Silverlink 600 range fryer from Lincat is designed for efficiency and performance in the pro kitchen. The DF33 deep fat fryer features a thermostatic control with a fail-safe cut-out, front drain taps and a deep cool zone to collect debris. The capacity is large enough to ..
Ex Vat €501.99
In Vat €617.45
Lincat Pizza Oven Single (direct) Lincat Pizza Oven Single (direct)
21-30 Days
Brand: Lincat
Make fantastic quality, high margin pizza with the large capacity Lincat Single Electric Pizza Oven PO49X. Perfect for restaurants, pizzerias, canteens and tourist attractions, this high powered single piece firebrick based oven is designed for crisp base cooking and is perfect for deep pan, thin cr..
Ex Vat €901.99
In Vat €1,109.45
Lincat Water Boiler Eb3fx Lincat Water Boiler Eb3fx
21-30 Days
Brand: Lincat
The Lincat EB3FX is able to dispense up to 31 litres of piping hot, filtered water every hour, the EB3FX delivers all the output you need to keep your guests or staff topped up with hot water - all whilst only requiring a narrow 250mm width of counter space.The front-mounted digital touch screen pro..
Ex Vat €520.99
In Vat €640.82
Lincat Water Boiler Eb3fx/pb (direct)
21-30 Days
Brand: Lincat
Lincat Filterflow provides prime quality filtered water for tea and coffee 24 hours a day without exception. Built with clever diagnostics to reduce maintenance times and monitor limescale build-up, with the addition of an eco mode for quiet periods as well as a programmable timer for overnight swit..
Ex Vat €736.99
In Vat €906.50
Lincat Water Boiler Eb4fx
21-30 Days
Brand: Lincat
You can taste the difference that the FilterFlow EB4FX makes to tea and coffee. Connected to the mains water supply it provides finely filtered water immediately, around the clock. The boiler's 4.5kW element provides increased hourly output to match the demand of larger businesses, with quicker wate..
Ex Vat €612.99
In Vat €753.98
Lincat Water Boiler Eb6fx
21-30 Days
Brand: Lincat
The EB6FX Lincat FilterFlow Water Boiler provides all you need to keep large numbers of staff and customers supplied with hot water for tea and coffee. Capable of dispensing up to 60 litres of piping hot water per hour, there's more than enough performance for busy sites. The boiler is improved furt..
Ex Vat €691.99
In Vat €851.15
Lincat Water Boiler Eb6fx/tf
21-30 Days
Brand: Lincat
Provide hot water for two separate teas or simply double your output ability with this Twin-Tank FilterFlow Water Boiler, hosting up 17 litres of filtered boiled water for staff and customers. The machine features a wealth of options to enhance performance and reduce maintenance including timers, in..
Ex Vat €967.99
In Vat €1,190.63
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