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Brand: Vogue
Add large quantities of whipped cream to your desserts and drinks with ease, thanks to this high quality Vogue one litre whipped cream dispenser. Featuring an incredible one litre capacity, the whipper allows you to quickly and efficiently add sauce, foam or cream to your dishes, speeding up your se..
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Brand: Vogue
Want to ensure effective and hygienic stock rotation? Then these 2" prepped food labels from Vogue are perfect for you. The labels give you space to record the name, quantity, date and use-by information of your ingredients. This makes it easier for staff to store and rotate your stock - minimising ..
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Brand: Vogue
Guarantee impeccable presentation with the Vogue mousse rings. Constructed from robust stainless steel, the mould is exceptionally hardwearing and durable, allowing it to withstand rigorous use in any catering environment without changing shape. The stainless steel material also allows the ring to b..
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Brand: Vogue
Perfect for bakeries and any kitchen that takes pride in its food decoration, these disposable pastry bags from Vogue will ensure you pipe with complete confidence. They're designed for optimum performance while being easy to hold - each of the 100 bags is made with three layers of tough polyethylen..
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Brand: Vogue
Ensure your meat and carcasses are stored in sanitary conditions with the Vogue 6" meat hook. Made from stainless steel, the hook is extremely sharp and incredibly sturdy, making it ideal for piercing and storing meat. The stainless steel construction also makes the hook easy-to-clean, helping you k..
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Brand: Vogue
Take pride in your cake presentations? You'll love this round cake tins - creating beautifully-shaped cakes, sponges and flans has never been so easy. As well as consistent sizes, you're also guaranteed the perfect bakes thanks to the tin's even heat distribution while in the oven. Once you've taken..
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Brand: Vogue
Protect your glassware whilst they wash with the Vogue 25 compartment glass rack. Each compartment securely and safely holds your glassware in place, reducing the risk of scratches and breakages during washing. This reliable glassrack is great for use in bars and restaurants that need to clean lots ..
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Brand: Vogue
Guarantee a quick and clean cut every time with these kitchen scissors from Vogue. Boasting straight, sharp stainless steel blades, the scissors cut through all manner of ingredients with ease, drastically speeding up your preparation times. Made with ergonomically designed handles, the scissors als..
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Brand: Vogue
Perfectly prepare meat with the metal meat tenderiser from Vogue. Designed with a flat side and a spiked side, the steak hammer allows you to easily tenderise even the toughest cuts of meat, drastically speeding up your preparation times. Made from high quality aluminium, this steak hammer is lightw..
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Brand: Vogue
Designed for even heat distribution and easy removal, these carbon steel quiche tins are ideal for any kitchen that makes pies, tarts, quiches and short crust pastries. Tough, hard wearing and with a premium non-stick coating you can remove your bakes easily and without the risk of tearing into the ..
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Brand: Vogue
Ensure your pizzas are cooked to perfection with the premium Vogue large pizza peel. Ergonomically shaped, the blade slides underneath pizzas with ease and offers great stability when carrying, helping you quickly transfer and rotate your pizzas for even and consistent cooking.Featuring a long tubul..
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Brand: Vogue
Ensure you always follow your recipes to the letter with this high quality Vogue measuring cup set. Supplied with 30ml, 60ml, 80ml, 125ml and 250ml capacity cups, this set gives you everything you need to replicate your recipes with expert precision and guarantee perfect results every time. Crafted ..
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Brand: Vogue
Removable food safety labels for easy identification of gluten free products, prevents cross contamination and reduces rise of allergen exposure. Quality adhesive for easy removal and no residue.Product featuresDimensions 25(D)mm | 1(D)" Weight 110gRoll of 1000Removeable adhesive peels off easi..
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Brand: Vogue
Bake perfect bread every time with this high quality loaf tin from top brand Vogue. Great for baking any type of bread, this tin has been constructed from carbon steel for immense durability and even baking. Also featuring a layered non-stick coating to ensure your bread releases easily with no stic..
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Brand: Vogue
Frying, searing or browning foods? Using this cast iron skillet from Vogue makes it easier than ever to achieve perfect results. The skillet's ribbed cooking surface leaves an attractive seared finish - your food will look as good as it tastes. It's a healthy option too, thanks to the deep ridges th..
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Brand: Vogue
This professional quality fillet knife has a sharp, stain resistant blade made from premium quality German steel. The ergonomically designed handle is made from a soft material providing you with a comfortable grip. Its dishwasher safe quality means its low maintenance and easy to clean. The flexibl..
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Brand: Vogue
Get jamming with this Vogue clip top preserve jar.Making your own jams and preserves is a satisfying hobby. See your colourful creations lined up on your shelf, and enjoy spooning them out for jam on toast, cheese with chutney and much more. The clip top and rubber ring form a completely airtight se..
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Brand: Vogue
Ensure your sauces are organised with the Vogue red squeeze bottle. Colour coded red for use with tomato ketchup, the bottle is instantly recognisable and helps customers easily identify the correct sauce they are looking for. Made from flexible polyethylene, the bottle is durable, easy-to-use and c..
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Brand: Vogue
Perfect for everything from caramelising creme brulees to peeling peppers, this high quality Vogue Pro-Chef's Blow Torch is a must-have for any commercial kitchen. Boasting an extra wide, high power flame, the blow torch allows you to finish your dishes with great speed and accuracy, helping you enh..
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Brand: Vogue
Follow recipes with great accuracy, thanks to this set of six high quality measuring spoons from Vogue. Including 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1 teaspoon, 1/2, and 1 tablespoon, the set helps you portion out each amount quickly and easily, giving you precise measurements in no time at all. Crafted from stainless ..
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Brand: Vogue
Featuring non-stick properties and a spring form construction, these Vogue cake tins help to prevent your bakes from sticking, making them easy to remove without damaging them in the process. Made from carbon steel, the cake tins are highly robust and provide consistent heat conduction for an even b..
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Brand: Vogue
Offering superb functionality and versatility at a remarkably affordable price, this high quality Vogue plastic dough scraper is a must-have for any commercial catering environment. Designed with a flexible rounded edge, the pastry scraper allows you to easily manipulate dough and remove sticky batc..
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Brand: Vogue
Smoothly roll your doughs and bases, with this Vogue polyethylene rolling pin.Constructed from tough polyethylene plastic, this rolling pin is incredibly robust and able to stand up to heavy duty usage, which saves you money on buying replacements. Sizes available from 305mm to 508mm to cover large ..
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