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Brand: Vogue
Add large quantities of whipped cream to your desserts and drinks with ease, thanks to this high quality Vogue one litre whipped cream dispenser. Featuring an incredible one litre capacity, the whipper allows you to quickly and efficiently add sauce, foam or cream to your dishes, speeding up your se..
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Brand: Vogue
Guarantee impeccable presentation with the Vogue mousse rings. Constructed from robust stainless steel, the mould is exceptionally hardwearing and durable, allowing it to withstand rigorous use in any catering environment without changing shape. The stainless steel material also allows the ring to b..
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Brand: Vogue
Make sure your food presentation is up to standard by using the correct moulding equipment. These dariole moulds from respected brand Vogue will ensure your food is moulded into a perfectly cylindrical shape making your dishes more interesting and neatly presented. The perfect tool for making all ki..
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Brand: Vogue
Take pride in your cake presentations? You'll love this round cake tins - creating beautifully-shaped cakes, sponges and flans has never been so easy. As well as consistent sizes, you're also guaranteed the perfect bakes thanks to the tin's even heat distribution while in the oven. Once you've taken..
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Brand: Vogue
Want to ensure effective and hygienic stock rotation? Then these 2" prepped food labels from Vogue are perfect for you. The labels give you space to record the name, quantity, date and use-by information of your ingredients. This makes it easier for staff to store and rotate your stock - minimising ..
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Brand: Vogue
Ensure you always follow your recipes to the letter with this high quality Vogue measuring cup set. Supplied with 30ml, 60ml, 80ml, 125ml and 250ml capacity cups, this set gives you everything you need to replicate your recipes with expert precision and guarantee perfect results every time. Crafted ..
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Brand: Vogue
Bake perfect bread every time with this high quality loaf tin from top brand Vogue. Great for baking any type of bread, this tin has been constructed from carbon steel for immense durability and even baking. Also featuring a layered non-stick coating to ensure your bread releases easily with no stic..
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Brand: Vogue
Make your service more efficient with the Vogue  three nozzle squeeze bottle. The innovative triple nozzle design gives you different presentation options and dispenses sauces at three times the speed, helping to improve your serving times. Made from clear plastic, the bottle makes it easy to s..
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Brand: Vogue
Frying, searing or browning foods? Using this cast iron skillet from Vogue makes it easier than ever to achieve perfect results. The skillet's ribbed cooking surface leaves an attractive seared finish - your food will look as good as it tastes. It's a healthy option too, thanks to the deep ridges th..
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Brand: Vogue
Designed for even heat distribution and easy removal, these carbon steel quiche tins are ideal for any kitchen that makes pies, tarts, quiches and short crust pastries. Tough, hard wearing and with a premium non-stick coating you can remove your bakes easily and without the risk of tearing into the ..
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Brand: Vogue
This professional quality fillet knife has a sharp, stain resistant blade made from premium quality German steel. The ergonomically designed handle is made from a soft material providing you with a comfortable grip. Its dishwasher safe quality means its low maintenance and easy to clean. The flexibl..
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Brand: Vogue
Ensure your sauces are organised with the Vogue red squeeze bottle. Colour coded red for use with tomato ketchup, the bottle is instantly recognisable and helps customers easily identify the correct sauce they are looking for. Made from flexible polyethylene, the bottle is durable, easy-to-use and c..
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Brand: Vogue
Part of the best selling range from Vogue, these stainless steel pans offer excellent professional quality at very competitive prices. Each has been made from high quality heavy duty 18/10 stainless steel and each also features a stay cool welded handle that will ensure the user isn't exposed to hig..
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Brand: Vogue
Perfect for everything from caramelising creme brulees to peeling peppers, this high quality Vogue Pro-Chef's Blow Torch is a must-have for any commercial kitchen. Boasting an extra wide, high power flame, the blow torch allows you to finish your dishes with great speed and accuracy, helping you enh..
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Brand: Vogue
This first aid kit complies with HSE minimum requirements for first aid in the work place. Ideal for any workplace, this first aid kit can cater for up to 10 people.The kit includes; 1x guidance leaflet, 20x assorted plasters, 2x no 16 eye pads, 4 x triangular bandages, 6x safety pins, 6x medium 12c..
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Brand: Vogue
Smoothly roll your doughs and bases, with this Vogue polyethylene rolling pin.Constructed from tough polyethylene plastic, this rolling pin is incredibly robust and able to stand up to heavy duty usage, which saves you money on buying replacements. Sizes available from 305mm to 508mm to cover large ..
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Brand: Vogue
Ensure your pizzas are cooked to perfection with the premium Vogue large pizza peel. Ergonomically shaped, the blade slides underneath pizzas with ease and offers great stability when carrying, helping you quickly transfer and rotate your pizzas for even and consistent cooking.Featuring a long tubul..
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Brand: Vogue
Featuring non-stick properties and a spring form construction, these Vogue cake tins help to prevent your bakes from sticking, making them easy to remove without damaging them in the process. Made from carbon steel, the cake tins are highly robust and provide consistent heat conduction for an even b..
Ex Vat €13.49
In Vat €16.59
Brand: Vogue
Enhance the presentation of your baked goods with this set of 11 Vogue round fluted cutters. Featuring 11 different sized cutters all boasting a fluted edge, this set is sure to give your biscuits, shortbread and pastries a more consistent look and an incredibly attractive finish, helping you wow yo..
Ex Vat €16.49
In Vat €20.28
Brand: Vogue
Be creative and improve plate presentation by using a square cutter from Vogue. This set of six allows you to create the same shape in various sizes from 36mm-70mm. Constructed from high quality tin-plated mild steel, they are incredibly robust and ideal for use in both domestic and commercial kitch..
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In Vat €22.31
Brand: Vogue
The Vogue stainless steel lid is a strong and durable lid for the Vogue stainless steel saucepans, retaining heat and speeding up boiling times to help you prepare meals faster. The stainless steel lid is easy to clean, making it simple for you to keep your cookware items hygienic and in top quality..
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In Vat €11.67
Brand: Vogue
Serve vegetables quickly and safely with the high quality Vogue vegetable ladle. Boasting a large capacity, the ladle is perfect for use with vast quantities of vegetables, allowing you to prepare and plate with ease to speed up your serving times. The vegetable ladle also features a long handle to ..
Ex Vat €63.79
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Brand: Vogue
Effortlessly serve pies and tarts with the high quality Vogue pie lifter. Boasting a sturdy plastic handle, the server gives you a comfortable and secure grip, helping you plate food accurately and attractively to improve your presentation. Constructed from stainless steel, the head is also incredib..
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Brand: Vogue
As part of the best selling range from Vogue these stainless steel pans offer excellent professional quality at very competitive prices. The have been constructed from high quality heavy duty 18/10 stainless steel and each feature a stay cool welded handle ensuring the user isn't exposed to high hea..
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Brand: Vogue
Designed with a high-quality Teflon, Xtra non-stick coating, this frying pan from Vogue supplies superior cooking that you can rely on. The pan is made from aluminium that offers even heat distribution, whilst being easy to clean and highly durable - saving you both time and money. The frying pan fe..
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In Vat €30.74
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