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Brand: Belcolade
Balanced dark chocolate with a mild bitterness and a fresh fruity note...
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Brand: Belcolade
Discover the unparalleled creamy sensation of pure white chocolate, made with 100% natural vanilla and cocoa butter.These large chocolate buttons taste delicious just as they are which means they can be used directly onto cupcakes, cakes or as treats...
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Belcolade Milk Choc Drops 1kg
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Brand: Belcolade
These large Chocolate buttons are easy to melt and perfect for pouring into moulds, creating delicious desserts, ganache, chocolates & biscuit cake. A perfect balance between sweet, milky and cocoa taste...
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Brand: Belcolade
The full flavour of pure cocoa combined with soft and creamy milk makes our milk chocolate a real taste sensation. Always made with 100% natural vanilla and cocoa butter.Features:large 15kg baggreat quality from Belcolade..
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