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Brand: Pidy
Try out our Pidy Quattro that we have on display. Perfect for displaying at parrties & events...
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In Vat €81.88
Brand: Pidy
This 11cm Blind Baked Tartlet, Quiche or Pie Case is made with pressed puff pastry (rough-puff) of neutral taste, and suitable for cold or hot savory fillings, especially quiches...
Ex Vat €45.89
In Vat €52.09
Brand: Pidy
This product is ideal for appetizers and use with either hot or cold fillings. The pastry is quite neutral in taste, and so can be used equally well with savoury or sweet fillings.Technically innovative and hugely creative, these vol au vents are perfect for starters or main meals. Normally used wit..
Ex Vat €17.21
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Pidy Tartlette Sablee 9.5cm X 108
Sold Out
Brand: Pidy
Sweet short crust pastry - ready to fill. Sweet and crunchy. 9.5cm diameter with fluted edge...
Ex Vat €53.85
In Vat €61.12
Pidy Mini Wafer Baskets 5.5cm X 120
5-10 Days
Brand: Pidy
Mini sweet waffle tulips are very suitable for cold sweet fillings, especially ice cream, mousses, and fruit. Only fill immediately prior to use as the waffle pastry tends to soften fairly quickly (like ice-cream cones). Type of pastry: Sweet Wafer dough. There are 120 pieces in each catering pack. ..
Ex Vat €34.55
In Vat €39.21
Pidy Mini Trendy Shell X 240
5-10 Days
Brand: Pidy
Two very attractive mini tartlets for the finger buffet, (round and square). Who could resist them, when filled with your mouth-watering fillings. The round ones measure 4cm diameter, and the square ones are 3.5cm on each side. The product can be used straight from the pack, and does not have to be ..
Ex Vat €65.18
In Vat €73.98
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